#OpenGovDataHack Patna

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    Challenge CLOSED ON:

    Oct 14

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    Indian Institute of Technology,
    Bihta, Patna

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    Challenge Closed

ABOUT THE challenge

As part of the Startup Eco-system Development program, NIC, IAMAI and Startup India collaborated to conduct Nation Wide Hackathon across seven cities of India and an online event.

IIT Patna hosted the Challenge of #OpenGovDataHack. 36 teams with 112 members participated in Hackathon. Student teams from IIT, NIT, LN Misra Institute of Technology, etc have participated in the 24hrs event. Bihar Entrepreneurs Association members also took part in this Challenge.

Participants at Patna Hackathon showcased their brilliance by developing Apps/Infographics primarily by use of Open Government Data around the themes of Drinking Water & Sanitation, Transport, Education, Crime and Health to a stage. Apps were evaluated by jury and  selected for Prizes and future support/funding.



Category : student

Winner App

Accident Avoidance & Transportation Resource Management

Winner Team

1Binayak krishna swami (Team Leader)

2Laxman kumar prabhakar

3Rakesh kumar Sanodiya

4Prince Raheja


1. Women & Children Safety | 2. Prevention & Detection of Road Accident


1TL: Akash Kumar | Deepa Sonal

2Mayank | Navneet Kumar Roy

3Ravi Yadav | Diksha

4Jayesh Keshri | Nishant

Category : other

Winner App


Winner Team

1RITU RAJ (Team Leader)





1. Red-Revolution | 2. Kawach


1TL : Rumita Dhar |Aditi Roy

2Rahul Raj | Mayank kumar

3Avinash |Abhishek kumar

4Raju Kumar | Akash Pandey

Category : student

Winner Infograph

No Entries for Infographics

Problem Statements & Datasets


Problem Statements

  • Application on Blood Bank Tracker
  • Application on Performance Indicators of Health Management Information System (HMIS)
    (This application may enable to evaluate performances of health centres i.e. Sub centres, primary health centres, community health centres and district health centres across India on various indicators like Immunization, maternity care, Sex Ratio , Post Natal Care, family planning parameters etc.)
  • Application on Hospital Directory
  • Health Surveys information retrieval and other data triangulation
    (It can be useful to disseminate information that is produced through the surveys NFHS-1,2,3,4 ; DLHS-1,2,3,4 and AHS 1,2,3 which are already available on OGD platform. Various indicators like Mortality, Nutrition, Vaccinations, Disease, and Immunization etc. may be triangulated, displayed and analyzed. It would be helpful to understand performance of health indicators of the country.)



Problem Statements

  • Standard Course Curriculum Design for all the Universities across India
    (To develop an application to map structure, content and scheme of the courses at present run by affiliated Universities and map important features and compare with a standard curriculum of highest standard. This would help AICTE to develop and enforce uniform academic)
  • Mobile app (GIS based) to find out Universities, Colleges, Standalone Institutions and related information i.e. Course Offered, Infrastructure etc.
  • Evaluation and Analysis of Enrolment, Literacy, Dropout



Problem Statements

  • Ambulance Service on National Highway
  • Mobile Applications on Road Accidents Data
    (This application would be helpful to understand road accidents status, and detail analysis and graphical representation would be helpful for road safety management and to understand major risk factors increasing the severity of crash and injury)
  • A time series category-wise, state-wise road length
    (This application can be helpful to get an overall view of road network across India, and to understand the need of expansion of the network using other socio economic parameters)
  • Applications on Terminal/Flight wise Arrival, Departure time
  • Application on Train Timetable


Drinking Water and Sanitation

Problem Statements

  • Application to track Physical and Financial performance under National Rural Drinking Water Programme (For monitoring and evaluating the achievement)
  • Digital solutions to evaluate the pollution and pressure on wetlands and water bodies and its conservation (Our water bodies, especially those of the urban areas are under increasing threat due to pollution and anthropogenic pressure. As we have many colleges in cities and town, they can be motivated to do the pollution monitoring in a real time basis and the data can be integrated in to an assessment-warning-management suggestion system.)
  • Application to track target and achievement of Swachh Bharat Mission (For monitoring and evaluating the achievement)
  • Water Quality Affected Habitations (To provide safe drinking water in water quality affected habitations with priority to arsenic and fluoride affected habitations)
  • Application and analysis on water quality of river, creeks & canal, lake, pond & tank, ground water (This would help to o assess water quality relate to health of ecosystems, safety of human contact etc.)



Problem Statements

  • Application on Crime Against Women and Children
    (To provide immediate intervention and assistance to women and children in crisis and alarming message send to nearest police station with geolocation of victim)
  • Application on Accidental Deaths & Suicide
    (To identify the accident prone areas in the city or spots on roads where more fatal or non-fatal accidents have taken place to avoid accidents)
  • Crime head-wise analysis tools (To merge the data of different year)