Data Driven Decision Making For CDO

Thursday, January 7, 2016 to Thursday, January 7, 2016


Open Data Government (OGD) Platform India is organizing a workshop on Data Driven Decision Making for Chief Data Officers (CDOs) from various Ministries/Departments on 7th January, 2016.

The workshop will include discussions on:

  • Sectoral Perspective of Data Driven Decision Making
  • Open Government Data Use License and
  • Data Contribution by Civil Society and Community

Following are the details of the venue:

Date: 7th January, 2016
Time: Morning Session 10.00 AM – 1.30 PM
Evening Session 02.30 PM – 5.00 PM
Venue: Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Workshop on Data Driven Decision Making for Chief Data Officers
Date: January 7, 2016, Venue:Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi


Session Title


09.30- 10.00 Registration
10.00- 11.15 Welcome Address
Data Driven Governance
Address ByKey note AddressOGD India Overview
  • Ms. Alka Mishra, Sr. TD, NIC
  • Ms. Neeta Verma, DDG, NIC
  • Dr. Ajay Kumar, Add. Secretary (DeitY)&DG(NIC)
  • Sh. J.S.Deepak, Secretary(DietY)
  • Ms. Alka Mishra, Sr. TD, NIC
11.15- 01.30 Data Driven Decision Making: Sectoral Perspective
ChairmanPresentations by

01.30- 02.30 Lunch
02.30- 30.30 Panel Discussion – Open Government Data Use License

  • Sh. Suresh Chandra, JS, D/o Legal Affairs
  • Dr. Pankaj Srivastava, Director (Research & Statistics), M/o Corporate Affairs
  • Sh. Samir Kumar, D/o Commerce
  • Sh. AnupamMitra, DIPP
  • Sh. Sunil Babbar, Scientist C, NIC
  • Sh. SumandroChattapadhyah,Centre for Internet and Society (CIS)
  • Sh. VenkateshNayak, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI)
  • Sh. PrasanthSugathan, Software Freedom Law Centre (SFLC)

3:30 to 3:45 Tea
03.45- 04.45 Panel Discussion – Data Contribution by Community

  • Prof. S. N. Sarbadhikari, NIHFW
  • Ms. AlkaMisra, Sr. Technical Director, NIC
  • Sh. D.P. Misra, Scientist-D, NIC
  • Representative of TERI
  • Sh. SumandroChattapadhyah, Centre for Internet and Society (CIS)
  • Ms. Nisha Thomson, Datameet
  • Ms. MaliniChakravaty, Centre for Budget & Governance Accountability
04.45- 05.00 Concluding Remarks