What is the #OpenGovDataHack?
NIC and IAMAI have collaborated to conduct Hackathon #opengovdatahack across seven cities of India. It involves various challenges, which aims at development of citizen centric apps/infographics primarily by use of open government data.

What sectors/themes should we focus on?

  • Health
  • Education
  • Crime
  • Drinking water and sanitation
  • Transport

Where can I find datasets related to themes/sectors?

Please visit Data Portal

What challenges are there in Hackathon?

  • Onsite city challenge: The challenge will be conducted in the following seven cities:
  • Online challenge
    On completion of the onsite city hackathon in the above mentioned cities, the challenge will also be conducted online on 25-26 Nov 2017, to be hosted through

Can I participate online as well as on city challenge?
Yes, you can  participate online as well as at city venue but winners of city challenge cannot participate in online challenge.

How can I participate in the Hackathon?
To participate in the event:

What I need to do during Hackathon?

  • Phase I: Prototype building
    There are two activities you can perform under onsite city and online challenge as:
    App Building
  • Phase II (National Challenge): final app development

What is the duration for App/infographics building?

  • Phase I: 24 hr hackathon will be conducted in the respective onsite city and online.
  • Phase II: Mentorship/incubation facility would be provided by IAMAI members to develop the app for a period of 2 months.

What will happen to my submission after the event?

  • All valid submissions (deemed valid by the panel of judges) will be made available online on post the event.
  • All apps (mobile/web based and edutainment) will be made available under the GNU general public license. Please refer to the terms and conditions page for more details.

Who can participate in this event?
Anyone can of minimum age 18! Maximum number of participants per team is 4. We suggest you form teams with people from different professional and educational backgrounds such as students, professionals, public servants etc.

Can I submit more than one entry?
No, you cannot submit more than one entry in any or multiple categories.

Can I be in more than one team?
No, you can participate in this event only in one team.

What are the prizes?

Please refer to the Prize Money

How do I submit my entries?
All the developed prototypes would be hosted on a OpenForge repo by the participants. The URL and process would be decided during the course of Pre Hackathon workshops and registration mails.

I am not proficient in coding, but, I have some valuable ideas that I would like to showcase. Can I be part of this Hackathon?
You are most welcome to attend. There will be a lot of registrants with coding experience who will be looking for team mates.

What about my accommodation during the event?
There will be limited facilities to stay at venue on sharing basis but you are free to go home and come back. The organizers are not making explicit arrangements.

Should I bring any proof/confirmation for my registration?
The registration on the site is enough. You just need to show up on city venue and we’ll tick off your name at the registration desk.

Can I form my own team? Is there any limitation in team structure?
Yes, we encourage organizing your own team. A team size of 3 to 4 is ideal. Please note that everyone in the team should have registered to attend the event.

Are we supposed to use only the datasets available in for this Hackathon?
Not necessarily. If you can build interesting ideas/apps around the existing datasets, that is great. But you are welcome to build apps, which are beyond the datasets available.

What kind of additional registration is required on Hackathon city venue?
No additional registration is required. Please bring a valid id and you are all set. The certification of participation would use the same name that you have registered with.

Can I start development of any idea prior to the Hackathon?
Typically, idea formulation and basic prototype can be made ready prior to the event and further refinement can be done during the Hackathon based on inputs from the organizers so that it is aligned to the overall theme and sub-theme.

Can I submit already developed work as an entry?
No. Previously developed content is not permitted.

Can I use any platform or technology for developing the applications?
Yes, you are encouraged to use any tool/platform that you are comfortable with. However, every individual is responsible for ensuring that any tool/library used is licensed appropriately and does not have any violation of terms of use as indicated by the provider/author.

Do we have to complete a working application or just a prototype for the day?
While it would be good to see as many functional applications as possible, the ideas do carry a good weightage. It is recommended that you take an idea to a working prototype. This will help others (including the respective authorities) understand your idea better.

How many apps would be selected in final challenge?
Top 10 apps would be shortlisted by the selection panel. A high-level jury would be constituted to take the presentation from the shortlisted teams and judge 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners of the challenge. Rest of the entries from top 10 selected apps would also be awarded with cash prize.

Who is responsible for our travel expenses?
Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse you for your travel or any other expenses and that cost shall have to be borne by you.

Can I register on the spot?
Yes, seats left vacant on account of non-turn up by registrants will be made open for on-spot registrants.

Should I bring my own laptop?
Yes! Unfortunately, we can’t provide computers. Please bring anything you’ll need to code (though it’s fine if you share equipment with a teammate).

Will there be wifi/internet?
Yes. We are working to provide wifi with internet for application development needs.

Would there be food available or should I bring with me?
We are organizing food coupons within Hackathon venue canteen along with tea/ coffee.

Would my travel costs be reimbursed by Hackathon organizers?
Participants would have to arrange their own travel and the costs cannot be reimbursed.